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“If you educate a boy, you educate an individual. If you educate a girl, you educate a community” ~ Mrs. Husna Sheriff

BAZM-E-NISWAN CHARITABLE TRUST distributed its annual scholarship 2019 a sum of Rupees ONE CRORE AND FIFTY LAKHS for 3800 underprivileged girls from 1st PUC to Master Degree Courses.

By Our Chief Editor B. R. Abdul Wajid

Bengaluru : Scholarships for girls in India are meant to encourage better education and career opportunities for females. Here comes the role of women-specific scholarships that encourages them to counter their financial constraints and pursue academic and career opportunities. Bazm e Niswan Charitable Trust is an NGO proud to released it’s annual scholarship program of Rs One Crore Fifty Lakhs in Bengaluru for 3800 Girls from Pre University to Master Degree Courses.

The Chief Guests for the event are Mrs. Isha Panth, IPS, DCP – South East, Bangalore and Mr. Harsha Vardhan Umre, IRS, Additional Commissioner, CUSTOMS & GST, Bangalore. Mrs. Husna Ziaulla Sheriff, President, Bazm e Niswan Charitable Trust along with the Chief Guests distributed the Scholarship cheques to the Students.

“If you educate a man, you educate one person. If you educate a woman, you education a community as well as nation.” Mrs. Husna Ziaulla Sheriff, a well known philanthropist of Bengaluru and President of Bazm-e-Niswan Charitable Trust said during her speech in front of the students. “We know that educating boys and girls, men and women, is morally right. But educating girls and women is especially effective because when we educate them, the benefits are felt throughout the whole community. It’s magic multiplier in the development equation.” Mrs. Husna Sheriff said.

An educated woman is better able to educate her own children who, in turn, will be more likely to receive school education themselves. The family will likely be healthier. It is an attractive proposition : invest in women and girls, and the benefits flow not only to them but everyone around them, too. Sadly, the reverse is also true. Deny girls and women education and the whole community suffers, not just them as an individual.

This is the 45th Annual Scholarship Program of Bazm e Niswan. More than 60,000 girl students have benefited from this scholarship program since 1974. Most of the students who has taken scholarships from Bazm e Nissan have qualified as Doctors, Engineers and most of them are working abroad.

Addressing to the students during the program, Mrs Isha Panth IPS said, “Work hard, concentrate on your studies and dream big. Country needs you. Today Women are playing a vital role in almost all the fields, we have good Lady Drs, Engineers and also in top positions in different fields. Be bold. Wish you all the best for your future studies.” She said.

Mrs. Isha Panth also said that, “When we invest in raising our children as global citizens who are educated and exposed to the diverse religions, cultures and characters of the world, peace is possible. Education and empowerment are gifts that no one should be denied. No one should be robbed of the opportunity to dream and pursue a life without any untoward incidents. Women and children need to feel safe, valued and respected for their innate value and contribution. This is the foundation for girls and boys to feel empowered to dream and pursue those dreams as global citizens who will create a world where we know we are all one family under God.”