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JAMATH-E-AHLE HADEES issues guidelines for praying in the Masjid if the government opens the lockdown

Secretary, Masjid-e-Ibrahim Hinaya,

By Our Chief Editor B. R. Abdul Wajid

Bengaluru : Karnataka government has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking permission from central government to reopen temples, mosques, churches and other religious places from 1st June in the state. “We have to get a lot of permission before opening up, so let’s wait and see. If we get permission, places of worship can be open by June 1st”. Chief Minister Yediyurappa said. Yediyurappa, however, added that they will wait for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision over their reopening.

As we know religious places have been shut across the country since 24th March with the announcement of lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak. The state government is now waiting for centre’s nod to make more changes in the guidelines of lockdown.

A prominent Religious trust from Bengaluru, JAMATH-E-AHLE HADEES DAKHNI SAHEBAN TRUST issued a Press Release regarding the norms to be followed by Musallian (worshipper) in Masjid-e-Ibrahim Hinaya which is located in East of Bengaluru after opening the lockdown, if government allows permission to pray in the mosques.

As per the Press Release issued by The Secretary of Masjid-e-Ibrahim Hinaya, Mr. B.K.Arshad said that “In the interest of Musallis to prevent the spread of Coronavirus – such below norms to be followed in the Masjid-e-Ibrahim Hinaya Mosque.”

1. Social Distancing about 1 meter to be maintain in between Musallis.

2. Every Musalli should bring their own Jayenamaz (Prayer Mat), without the prayer mat he will not be permitted.

3. Hand Sanitizer will be provided by the Masjid.

4. Tempature recording will be done during entering the Masjid.

5. The Musallis who is suffering from Fever, Cough and Cold will not be permitted to enter the Masjid Premises.

6. Musallis are requested to perform WUZU (Ablution) and carry out other formalities in their residence before coming to Masjid. Masjid authorities will not permit Musallis to use toilet and to perform WUZU.

7. Friday Khutba and prayer will be concluded in 20 minutes from 12:30 pm to 12:50 pm and the two jamaths to be held on Friday. One is from 12:50 pm and the second Jamath will be perform from at 1:15 pm.

8. Ladies and Children are strictly not allowed until further notice.

9. After completing the precautionary measures, token will be issued to enter the masjid.(To maintain the social distance)

10. Every Musalli should report half an hour before the start of the prayers to go through the precautionary measures.

11. Footwear should be left outside the Masjid, you will not be permitted to use the inside rack.

12. Avoid shaking hands after Namaz and you are requested to disperse immediately after Friday Prayers and we recommend you to perform the Sunnah Namaz at your residence.

We request you to please cooperate with the Masjid authorities – said by Mr. B.K.Arshad, Secretary, Masjid-e-Ibrahim Hinaya under JADS Trust.

B.R. Abdul Wajid
Chief Editor
India & Abroad